Lady Elizabeth Hastings

Lady Elizabeth Hastings

CE VA Primary School

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Whole School Overview




All children in school study the core (English, Maths, Science and Computing), and foundation (Music, Geography, History, PE, Art and Design Technology) subjects of the National Curriculum. RE is also compulsory study but not a National Curriculum subject. The school’s curriculum policies are based on the National Curriculum requirements and divided into two key stages (1 and 2). Reception class (or Foundation stage) follow a program of study based on ‘Early Learning Goals’ with areas of experience within this stage.


At Lady Elizabeth Hastings C of E Primary School we follow the ‘Cornerstones Curriculum.’ It covers the essential skills/milestones children need to reach if they are to achieve the End of Year/End of Key Stage Programmes of Study (i.e. reach ‘age related expectations’. The ‘Cornerstones’ philosophy is used by teachers throughout school to;-



Hook learners in with a memorable experience.                                  Set the scene and provide the context.             Ask questions to provoke thought and interest.                                Provoke curiosity using interesting starting point.





Teach knowledge for depth of understanding.

Demonstrate new skills and allow time for consolidation.

Provide creative opportunities for making and doing.

Deliver reading, writing and talk across the curriculum.




Provide imaginative scenarios that provoke creative thinking.                                                                                Enable and assess the application of previously learned skills.

Encourage enterprise and independent thinking.







Encourage reflective talk by asking questions.            Provide opportunities for shared evaluation.

Celebrate success.



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