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Equality Objectives

The Equality Act 2010 has replaced and unified existing equality legislation such as the Race Relations Act, Disability Discrimination Act and Sex Discrimination Act in to a single, consolidated source of discrimination law.  The Act essentially prevents schools from unlawfully discriminating against pupils, staff, parents or carers because of the following protected characteristics:

  • age (as appropriate for schools);
  • disability;
  • gender reassignment;
  • marriage and civil partnership;
  • pregnancy and maternity;
  • race;
  • religion or belief;
  • sex;
  • sexual orientation

Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED)

The Equality Act 2010 introduced a single Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) which applies to public bodies, including maintained schools and academies. Under the Equality Duty there is a legal requirement for schools to assess the impact of their policies and practices on staff and pupils and take action to remove any obstacles identified, having due regard to:

  • Eliminating unlawful discrimination , harassment and victimisation
  • Advancing equality of opportunity
  • Fostering good relations

Evidence of Compliance include...

Anti-bully Policy

Positive Behaviour

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy

SEND Policy