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Lady Elizabeth Hastings

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Covid 19 Data Protection and Data sharing

With regards to infectious diseases such as Covid-19, we have a statutory and regulatory expectation that we support the wellbeing of pupils and staff.  The legal basis set out by NHS England is that we may be required to share data so consent may not be required.

However, our first response, where possible, will be to make contact with individuals directly ourselves to manage information sharing.  In some cases we may be required to provide information to a particular service such as Public Health England and we have a public duty to do so.

You can read the PHE privacy notice here:


PHE also have an information document for schools which highlights the issue of data sharing, which can be found here:


 Update: April 2021

Regarding Test and Trace Support Payments:

We will only be asked to share information on children whose parents have made an application to the local authority for the Test and Trace Support Payment Scheme.