Lady Elizabeth Hastings

Lady Elizabeth Hastings

CE VA Primary School

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Parent Voice

Appointment of Parent Representatives

Each class will endeavour to have a minimum of 2 parent representatives. However, other parents from that class are welcome to attend Parent Voice Meetings. 

A parent representative does…

Encourage good home/school links so that parents can make a positive contribution to school life.

Parent Representative will encourage parents to:

  • Encouraging parents to support school and class events.
  • Collate a ‘bank of volunteers’ for their class.
  • Researching parents’ expertise within their class, ie people with particular skills; sewing, speaking a foreign language, interesting jobs...
  • Accompanying the class to Church events.
  • Helping with cooking activities and other practical activities within the curriculum.
  • Come in to school to read a story or listen to readers.
  • Come in to school to help with handwriting activities.
  • General support as requested by the class teacher.
  • Helping with planting activities.
  • Helping with class assemblies.
  • Raise questions, air problems, offer ideas from other parents
  • Review relevant Policies

NB Parent Reps are not responsible for individually undertaking the above but should take a lead within their child’s class to encourage other parents to support.

A parent representative does not… 

If a parent rep is approached by a parent who expresses concerns about their child the parent reps should guide that parent to the class teacher, Headteacher or Assistant Headteacher they should not enter into discussions about the problem.