Lady Elizabeth Hastings

Lady Elizabeth Hastings

CE VA Primary School

  1. Key Information
  2. Covid Information
  3. Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Our risk assessment can be found here:

Risk Assessment - latest version

Please note that this is a working document so this may not be the most up to date version. The working document is help on a shared drive in school and includes further information regarding responsibilities and dates actions have been included and completed by school staff.

School Adjustments

Staggered start, break, lunch and home-time times

Year Group/s Start Break Lunch Hometime
Reception 9.10am Free Flow 1st sitting 3.05pm
Year 1 - Year 3 8.40am 10.05am - 10.20am 1st sitting 3.05pm
Year 4 - Year 6 8.50am 10.55am - 11.10am 2nd sitting 3.15pm

Families with siblings with different times will be given times when all siblings can be dropped of and picked up. 


The sign posted one-way system

Entry onto the school site is via the main gate and then through the gate nearest the school building, access to Ledston class for Year 1 parents is along the decking in front of the ARK.

Exit from the school site is via the steps (or along the ARK decking for wheel chairs and pushchairs) onto the playground and then through the residents access gate.


School Bus

Please ensure you have contacted the bus company to book places.  Members of school staff will chaperone children in two groups walking to and from school to the school bus.


Additional Safety Measures and Information

2nd September 2020 - Aut term 2020 - returning to school information