Lady Elizabeth Hastings

Lady Elizabeth Hastings

CE VA Primary School

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2018 - 2019           Whole school attendance was - 96.6%

2019 - 20 20          Whole school attendance was - 91%


Our target for 2020 - 2021 is 98%


Please ensure your child is at school every day, on time, ready for lessons to start at 8.50am.

  • Gates open to the playground at 8.35am
  • Door into classroom are open between 8.40am to 8.50am

Our Attendance Policy is attached for your reference.  If you have any queries or suggestions, or if you feel you would benefit from bringing your child to our 7.30am Breakfast Club, please do not hesitate to contact us; telephone 01977 557758 or email 

Thank you for supporting our Whole School Attendance.

LEH Attendance Policy*

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