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Lady Elizabeth Hastings

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Covid-19 Information

  • All persons who are displaying symptoms must not come into school and should follow Government guidance on self isolating including test and trace.
  • Persons whose family members are displaying symptoms of Coronavirus must follow Government guidance regarding self isolating including test and trace. .
  • All persons who develop Coronavirus symptoms (however mild) in between attendance times or whilst on site, should follow government guidance on self-isolating (including isolating for at least 10 days and including test and trace.
  • Staff or pupils on site when they develop symptoms should be sent home as soon as possible. All staff and pupils who are attending an education or childcare setting will have access to a test if they display symptoms of coronavirus. It is anticipated settings will be provided with a small number of home testing kits that they can give directly to parents/carers collecting a pupil or to staff members who have developed symptoms at their setting where they think providing one will significantly increase the likelihood of them getting tested. Advice will be provided alongside these kits.


  • Where the initial child, young person or staff member with symptoms tests negative, they can return to their setting and the fellow household members can end their self-isolation.
  • Where a contact traced child, young person, or staff member tests negative following the development of symptoms they will need to continue self -isolating until 14 days after symptoms have started. Fellow household members can end their self-isolation.
  • Where the child, young person or staff member tests positive, contact PHE for advice around which bubble(s) should be collapsed and staff and pupils sent home and advised to self-isolate for 14 days. The other household members of that wider class or group do not need to self-isolate unless the child, young person or staff member they live with in that group subsequently develops symptoms. .
  • If settings have 2 or more confirmed cases within 14 days, or an overall rise in sickness absence where coronavirus (COVID-19) is suspected, they may have an outbreak, and must continue to work with their local health protection team who will be able to advise if additional action is required. In some cases, health protection teams may recommend that a larger number of other pupils self-isolate at home as a precautionary measure - perhaps the whole site or year group. If settings are implementing controls from this list, addressing the risks they have identified and therefore reducing transmission risks, whole setting closure based on cases within the setting will not generally be necessary, and should not be considered except on the advice of health protection teams.
  • In consultation with the local Director of Public Health, where an outbreak in a setting is confirmed, a mobile testing unit may be dispatched to test others who may have been in contact with the person who has tested positive. Testing will first focus on the person’s class, followed by their year group, then the whole setting if necessary, in line with routine publish health outbreak control practice.
  • If a member of staff has helped someone who was unwell with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature, they do not need to go home unless they develop symptoms themselves or the pupil or staff member subsequently tests positive. They should wash their hands thoroughly for 20 seconds after any contact with someone who is unwell.