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Our Christian Values

As a Church School the our Christian ethos and the living out of Christian values and thread through everything we do and are central to our policies and practice.

We worked together as a school team seeking the views of children. staff, parents and governors deciding on Key Values which underpin our current school aims.

All children take part in daily Collective Worship which is planned around the school's chosen values as well as the main celebrations in the Christian calendar. However there is always flexibility to consider and reflect on current issues. The values are introduced through key Bible stories.

Through Collective Worship our children are beginning to understand the distinctive features of Anglican practice and the centrality of prayer in worship. Our daily Worship plays a very important part of school life and always starts our school day.

To help us with Collective Worship we welcome visits from Reverend Andy, Anne and Mike from Day Spring Church and Open the Book

These links will give information and learning ideas centered on Christian values and Festivals

Adaptability            Attentiveness            Christmas         Compassion   

Confidence              Contentedness              Cooperation           Courage            

Courteous communication          Discernment           Easter           

Faithfulness              Forgiveness          Generosity           Gentleness          

Harmony                   Honesty          Humility          Joy