School Motto, Statement and Christian Values


Mission Statement:  Our Christian values of Wonder, Endeavour, Love and Trust permeate the very fabric of our building. We reflect upon, identify and model our understanding of the life of Jesus and the scriptures. We believe that that there is something mysterious and potentially wonderful, in everybody. We celebrate ‘Growing the fruit of the Spirit’ on a daily basis as we care, learn and thrive together.


Christian Values: We have four core school Christian values which are taught explicitly and discreetly throughout the curriculum. They are Wonder, Endeavour, Love and Trust and they are explained in detail in our Christian Values booklet. As a school community we aim to bring these values to life through everything from collective worship and, behaviour and attitude to learning,  to curriculum and architecture. The Christian Gospel says that every person has a unique task to do, with God, and for God, whether they know it or not.


Religious Education: In the context of this, all children receive teaching in Religious Education (RE) which, whilst having a multi-cultural element, will be based in the beliefs of the Church of England. Although parents have the right to withdraw children from RE, it is hoped that no one seeking a place for their child would wish to do so.                                                          


RE is taught as a discreet unit following the York Diocese Syllabus. As well as Christianity, children also learn about Judaism, Islam and many festivals and celebrations of other religions and cultures. After consultation with the children, school has adopted four, core Christian values which are taught explicitly in Collective Worship, class based worship, RE sessions and through other curriculum areas. For example, as ‘Trust’ through business enterprise or as ‘Endeavour’ through science so children become familiar with these as positive affirmations based on our Christian values.  Throughout the year children take turns to plan and lead Collective Worship based on their work so that they have ownership of our Christian values and share their relevance in their own lives with their peers, parents and other members of the learning and Church community. Classes have the opportunity to visit Ledsham Church, Fairburn Church, Ledston Chapel and York Minster. Rev. Robinson works with classes, leads Collective Worship and helps promote our faith through Messy Church. Our Church Council children provide a pupil voice championing acts of Collective Worship within their classrooms and in whole school acts of worship. Their opinions and ideas are welcomed as they contribute strongly to our whole school planning in the development of children’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural education.