Lady Elizabeth Hastings

Lady Elizabeth Hastings

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Church Schools are part of the diocesan family. The diocese has a vision that shapes how we grow and work together. What are we about as churches, schools and Diocese?

Generous Churches Making & Nurturing Disciples
There’s the opportunity for growth everywhere!

Here are the Five Marks of Growing we have agreed to help shape our vision.
Being a disciple means first of all being like Jesus — centred on God, shaping our whole lives in line with faith in him, being generous and loving even when it is costly.
Taking faith seriously involves deepening our commitment — to Christ, to Christ’s body the Church, to seeking God’s kingdom. Among the ways through which we can build our
commitment are regular participation in worship, generous stewardship, and letting God’s gifts grow in ourselves and others.
Partnership is about working with other churches, locally and globally, schools, community groups, people, organisations for the common good. It brings with it opportunities for the
whole Church of God to grow in influence and numbers, as well as often making better use of scarce resources.
As disciples we are called to be salt and light to the whole world, and to work for peace and justice. A key part of our calling is to influence attitudes and behaviours in our communities and wider society.
Jesus’ last recorded command was to make disciples. We must be bold in our aim to increase the number of people associated with our churches, as worshippers and disciples. If a church is growing in numbers, it is often because it is focusing on other Marks of Growing. Increasing numbers is often a sign of spiritual health and certainly increases the Church’s potential and capacity to do God’s work.

This is what our vision for Generous Churches Making and Nurturing Disciples is all about. The five marks are a focus on how we work out God’s mission in our Diocese. It’s about growing, and working together.

Vision, Values and Mission Statement

Lady Elizabeth Hastings is a Church of England school, having at its heart the Christian faith.

Our vision underpins all that we do:

Guided by our Christian values, we endeavour to motivate and inspire everyone to become a lifelong,
resilient and enthusiastic learner. We aspire to equip everyone to meet the challenges of an ever changing
world, and to reach out to the wider community. We will share the Gospel and give everyone the
opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as their support, guide and friend.

Our school is Lady Elizabeth Hastings’ legacy;

Anything is possible with faith in God.

If you believe, you see, God is able to do all things, in accordance to his plan, purpose and will. (Mark 9:23)

Our mission statement reflects what all stakeholders within our school see as important, and encompasses some of the Christian virtues we, as a school community, feel are fundamental to our work.

Everyone, in our caring Christian community inspiring, nurturing and challenging one another to be their best in mind, body and spirit to achieve more than they ever thought possible to thrive today and tomorrow

1 Corinthians 13:13 ‘Three things will last forever--faith, hope, and love--and the greatest of these is love.’

Our school aims to develop the whole child, combining maximum educational development with overall fulfilment as human beings

John 10:10 ‘That they should have life, life in all its fullness’